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Bestact Reed Element

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Bestact™ Hermetically Sealed Contact

  1. Sealed with an inert gas, ensuring freedom from aging and influences exerted by external environment.
  2. The twin contact and wiping effect assures outstanding contact reliability, probability of failure is extremely low.
  3. Quick action permits a larger make and break capacity and longer service life.
  4. Can switch both AC and DC, permitting direct control over a wide range from low level load to electromagnetic power load.
      Medium-capacity type : 5V 1mA to 240VAC 0.5A (5A making)
        NEMA Contact Ratings : C300 (AC) and Q150 (DC)
        NEMA HP Ratings : 1/10HP (120Vac), 1/8HP (240Vac)
      Large-capacity type : 1V 1mA to 240VAC 1A (10A making) ...

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