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Type PSMO-15G2S

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Hydraulic Low-Speed Elevator Stop Level Adjustment is a Thing of the Past: with This High-Precision Product You can Enjoy Adjustment-Free Operation.

Typical Applications

Stop level detectors and door-open com mand switches for passenger and freight elevators, stop level detector switches for vertical parking garages, passage point detector switches for transporters, passage detector switches for general industrial machinery.

Super-high precision products with even narrower operational range are also available.

 Specifications   Operating Characteristics   DEGREES OF PROTECTION (IEC Standard 529)   

Contact Arrangement



Dust-proof type IP50

Operating Temperature

-10 to +50°C

Storage Temperature

-25 to +70°C

Rated Continuous Current

3 A

Operational Power Ratings

115VDC 0.3A
240VAC 0.5A

Maximum Making Current

240VAC 15A (PF: 0.7)

Withstand Voltage Across Contacts

500VAC for 1 minute

Withstand Voltage to Ground

1500VAC for 1 minute

Mechanical Life

Over 100 million operations

Electrical Life2

24VDC 40mA (relay load) 15 million operations


0.75mm2 2 conductors 1 m long

Incorporated Bestact Type (Item Type)

R25, Medium-Capacity (For heavy duty)
1 Refer to DEGREES OF PROTECTION (IEC Standard 529)
2 Electrical life is measured with black cable connected to positive terminal.


·  Operating Characteristics

·  Hysteresis Characteristics

·  Dimensions in mm

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