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Type Vane PSMO, Separate PSMS, Memory PSMM

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A Wide Variety of Types Available to Meet Applications/Specifications:
  • General Purpose, High Temperature, etc.
  • Two-Wire Systems, Offering a Wide Power Range (1v 1mA to 240VAC 1a)
  1. Completely sealed construction makes this switch best suited for adverse environments.
  2. Direct control of loads of even 100VDC or greater, requiring no power supply or amplifying relay.
  3. No protective R-C snubber/surge circuitry is required for long wiring distances or inductive load.
  4. Eliminates the possibility of erroneous operation and breakdown due to noise or surge.
  5. The contactless design assures a long service life and maintenance free operation.
  6. Economical proximity switches.
Typical Applications

Steel plant machinery and equipment (for raw material handling, iron making, rolling mills), plating line, large-size material handling ma chines, automobile manufacturing lines, elevators, cement and related equipment, power station facilities, dam equipment, pollution prevention equipment and devices, mine machinery, chem ical industry machinery and equipment, marine product processing machines.

Types and How to Use

Magnetic proximity switches are usually classified into two types: an integrated type such as vane type and a separate type. Switch operation principle is described below.

Vane type
  • Detection of substance can be made without any physical con tact. It enters into or passes by the groove of U-shaped struc ture. In general, the detected substance is of flat shape and ferromagnetic material such as iron plate.
  • Featuring high detecting accura cy even if the detected substance exhibits play, the switch exhibits less constraint conditions and greater ease-of-handling.
Separate type
  • The switch unit is fixed, and the magnet unit is mounted to the moving object to be detected. Approach or passage of the magnet unit will be detected without contacting.
  • In this type, no separately- mounted detecting unit is required. Furthermore, one magnet unit can energize sev eral switch units. Various detecting methods are avail able to match your specifications.

 Magnet characteristics for Bestact Operation   

    In various detecting devices with Bestact incorporated, and to maintain high operation accuracy for a long period of time, sufficient investigation and consideration has been applied to the material selection and design of the contact energizing magnet.
  • Permanent magnets used for Yaskawa's detecting devices are rare earth magnet and anisotropic ferrite magnet which are characterized by high coercive force and large energy product, thus optimum design has been achieved. Featuring excellent stable performance without demagneti zation due to fluctuation in temperature.
  • Demagnetization due to aging is 2% or less for a 10 year period.

 Vane Types 

Vane Type
Vane Type (PSMO)

Vane Type
High-Precision Vane Type (PSMO-15G)

more available ..

 Separate Types 

Separate type
Separate Type (PSMS)

Separate type
Separate Type High-Temp.-Use (PSMS-H, T)

 Memory Types 

Separate type
Memory Type (PSMM)

Separate type
Memory Type High-Temp.-Use (PSMM-H, T)

 Column Type 

Column Type (PSMS-RV)

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