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Type PSMO-25E1TH

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Unsurpassed Performance at High Temperature, Humidity Atmosphere, Exceeding any Non-Contact Types
130 °C Continuous, or 180 °C for Short Time
  • Direct control of 100 VDC or greater, no power supply unit or amplifying relay needed
  • No erroneous operations or break in circuit due to noise and/or surge
  • Contactless design assures long service life and maintenance free operation
Typical Applications

Continuous casting machines, coke ovens, converters, rolling mills, cement curing ovens, refrigerators internal equipment.

Influence of Ambient Temperature, and Compensation

Where temperature varies widely from the beginning and during 3 operation, the actuating point and return point may change a little due to thermal characteristic of the magnetic unit. Therefore, for applications requiring higher accuracy, make the compensa tion first before mounting.

As for ratings and specifications other than those below, refer to those of standard type in category "Vane Type (PSMO)".

 Specifications   DEGREES OF PROTECTION (IEC Standard 529)   

Contact Arrangement


Groove Width mm


Groove Depth mm


Terminal Connection

With heat-resistant cable (4.6mm outer dia. 0.75mm2) of 3m


Floodtight type IP67

Standard Vane

Structual iron plate (SPCC, etc.) t2.3X50x135mm

Rated Insulation Voltage

250 VAC

Rated Continuous Current

5 A

Operational Power Ratings

240VAC 1.0A, 115VDC 0.5A

Operating Temperature

-25 to +130°C

Storage Temperature

-40 to +150°C

Incorporated Bestact Type (Item Type)

R15, Large-Capacity (For heavy duty)
1 Refer to DEGREES OF PROTECTION (IEC Standard 529)


·  Dimensions in mm

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