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Type PMSO-05E2, Large-Capacity

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High Detecting Accuracy against Unstable Moving Substances, and Easy to Use
  • Can operate in circuits of 100VDC or greater without any power supply unit or amplifying relay
  • No erroneous operations or circuit failure due to noise and/or surge
  • Contactless design assures long service life and maintenance free operation

 Specifications   DEGREES OF PROTECTION (IEC Standard 529)   How to Use   

Groove Width mm


Groove Depth mm


Contact Arrangement



Waterproof type IP67 (only with cable)

Connecting Method

Screw terminals (not used as floodtight type sincethe screw terminal is exposed) or Cable (1m)

Standard Vane Detected mm2


Operating Temperature

-10 to + 80°C (with cable: -10 to + 60°C)

Storage Temperature

-25 to +70°C

Rated Continuous Current

5 A

Operational Power Ratings

115VDC 0.5A
240VAC 1A

Maximum Making Current

240VAC 30A (PF: 0.7)

Withstand Voltage Across Contacts

800VAC for 1 minute

Withstand Voltage to Ground

1500VAC for 1 minute

Switching Frequency

3600 times/hour
(7200 times/hour -Only applicable for light load such as power relay.)

Mechanical Life

Over 50,000,000 operations

Electrical Life

115VDC 20mA (relay load) 15,000,000 operations
240VAC 20mA (relay load) 30,000,000 operations


1.25mm2 2 conductors.


With indicating lamp, available on order.(For type PSMO-25, 100 or 200V only)

Incorporated Bestact Type (Item Type)

R15, Large-Capacity (For heavy duty)
1 Refer to DEGREES OF PROTECTION (IEC Standard 529)
2 Vane size of ferromagnetic structural iron plate.
3 Model with indicating lamp needs appended suffix at end of part number: -4 for 100V and -5 for 200V


·  Influence by Environmental Condition

·  Dimensions in mm

·  Operating Characteristics

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