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Type RIW-G25MC

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Highly Reliable Relays Solving Contact Problems of Mercury Relays

Two pole type I/O relays can supersede mercury relays that are widely used for vehicles and signals. In addition, these highly reliable relays have solved many contact problems that may occur using mercury relays.

 Specifications   Ambient Temperature   Coil Specifications (with Polarity)   

Contact Arrangement


Rated Operational Current AC

240V 0.5A (inductive load)

Rated Operational Current DC

115V 0.3A (inductive load)

Min. Operational Power Ratings1

24V 1mA

Vibration Resistance

98.0m/s2 [10G] (20 to 1000Hz)

Shock Resistance -- Erroneous Operation

147.0m/s2 [15G]

Shock Resistance -- Breakdown

980.0m/s2 [100G] or greater

Withstand Voltage Across Input and Output

1500VAC for 1 minute

Withstand Voltage Across Contacts

500VAC for 1 minute



Incorporated Bestact Type (Item Type)

R25, Medium-Capacity (For heavy duty)
1 ln circuit wilh optcoupler, maximum 5V 10mA can be used.


·  Dimensions in mm

·  Symbols and terminal markings (bottom view)

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