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Type RB-2D520C, Large-Capacity Type

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Cover a Wide Range of Applications from Low Level to Power Loads Ideal as Additional Relays for PC and Microcomputer Equipment

  1. Can energize with small-capacity transistor output since flywheel diode is integrated. LED is provided and power consumption is as low as 0.7 W per circuit.
  2. Enables direct control of a wide range of loads, thus it is possible to fully compensate for insufficient output capacity of a general purpose PC relay.
  3. Incorporate hermetically sealed contacts to prevent aging, making them ideal for infrequent use applications. They permit high frequency switch ing which is impossible with conventional contact relays.
  4. Can reduce manufacturing time due to fast operational speed of 5ms or less.
  5. Recognized in accordance with USA and Canadian standards File No. E154773. For Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D Hazardous Locations.
Typical Applications
  • Addition relays for programmable controllers
  • For dry contact input of servo amplifiers, measuring instruments, etc.
  • I/O interfaces of microcomputer logic
  • Output relays of photoelectric switches, proximity switches, etc.

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Rated Continuous Current

5 A

Maximum Making Current

240VAC 30A (PF: 0.7)

Maximum Breaking Current AC

240 VAC 30 A (PF: 0.4)

Maximum Breaking Current DC

115 VDC 0.6 A, 230 VDC 0.4 A (L/R=100 ms)

Operational Power Ratings (lnductive Load) AC

240VAC 10A ON 1A OFF

Operational Power Ratings (lnductive Load) DC

115VDC 0.5 A, 230VDC 0.2A (L/R =100 ms)

Min. Operational Power Ratings

24V 1mA


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