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Memory Type High-Temp.-Use (PSMM-H, T)

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Stable Self-Holding Performance at High Temperature, Humid Atmosphere
  • Continuous duty at 130°C
  • Excellent vibration and shock resistance
  • Simplified logic circuit with elimination of external self-holding/seal-in relay
Typical Applications

Continuous casting machines, coke ovens, converters, rolling mills, cement cure ovens, refrigerator's internal equipment.

Influence of Ambient Temperature, and Compensation

Where temperature varies widely from the beginning and during operation, the actuating point and return point may change somewhat due to thermal characteristic of the magnetic unit. For applications requiring higher accuracy, make the compensation first before mounting.

As for ratings and specifications other than those below, refer to those of standard type in category "Memory Type (PSMM)".

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Magnet Unit

Rated Sensitive Distance (mm)

Operational Gap Range (mm)


Incorporated Bestact Type (Item Type)



10 to 35
10 to 60

10 to 85
Floodtight type IP67 R15, Large-Capacity (For heavy duty)
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