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Heavy Duty Limit Switches

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High Reliability Superior to That of Non-Contact Type by Employing Double and Triple Barriers. Best Suited for Heavy Duty Application due to Outstanding Environmental Immunity

  1. Complete floodtight and gas resistance: Outstanding environmental immunity is assured by employing floodtight, corrosion-resistant construction and through use of hermetically sealed contact.
  2. Long-term maintenance free : This is achieved through the combination of the actuator exhibiting high mechanical strength as well as internal vane-action magnetic proximity switch featuring high electrical reliability, assuring long-term maintenance-free operation.
  3. Powerful contact: Inductive load of 115VDC 0.3A can be directly controlled without using an amplifying relay or protective circuit.
  4. No contact chattering : Since large actuator movement is considered in design, the switch is not ill-affected by operational shock or vibration. Therefore, electrical circuit can be simplified.
Typical Applications
  • Steel plant equipment
  • Large-size transportation machinery
  • Material handling equipment
  • Cement producing equipment
Types with # such as PSKU-#R25A can vary depending upon the contact arrangement 2NO [200], 2NC [020], 1NO1NC [110]

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Type of Actuation

PSKU-R25CB Cylindrical Roller Lever (Horizontal Mounting)
PSKU-R25CV Cylindrical Roller Lever (Vertical Mounting)
PSKU-R25CE Pull Lever
PSKU-R25CO Pull Lever (Crane Drum) Over-Winding Protection
PIKU-R25CE Pull Lever (One Direction Pull)
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1 

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