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Input/Output PCB Relays

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RI Med Large

RI Series Medium and Large-Capacity Single Pole IO Relays


Highly Reliable Interface Relays for Programmable Controllers, Microcomputer Control Systems

  1. Assures outstanding reliability in circuits of 100VAC/DC or greater as well as in electronic component circuits.
  2. Universal output relay capability. Enables direct control over a wide range from TTL electronic level to large magnetic con tactors or DC solenoid valves.
  3. Requires no output relay board.
  4. Quick action in 5ms or less.
  5. Excellent insulation characteristics. Withstand voltage across coil and contact: 2000VAC or greater. (Medium-capacity type: 1500VAC or greater)
  6. Automatic wave-soldering and cleaning possible.
  7. Small energizing power (Medium-capacity type: 0.4W, Large- capacity ...
RI Med Large

RI Series Auxiliary Relays



  1. High contact reliability Bestact products exceeding 2 million units have been employed under severe environmental conditions, and their ultra high reliability of 4.8 FIT has been obtained from actual field results.
  2. Large contact capacity Since the maximum switching capacity is as large as 30A,trip coil of power circuit breakers can be directly energized. Quick operating times ot 3ms or less enables high-speed breaker actuation.
  3. Incomparable use tor PCB applications A reduction in overall system cost can be realized due to compactness of relays and elimination of wiring/protective devices.

RIW Series Two Pole IO Relays


Highly Reliable Relays Solving Contact Problems of Mercury Relays

Two pole type I/O relays can supersede mercury relays that are widely used for vehicles and signals. In addition, these highly reliable relays have solved many contact problems that may occur using mercury relays.


RIU Series I/O Relay Units


High Density Mounting Design Incorporating Ultra-High Reliability Relays Ideally Used as I/O Relay Units for Micromputer Boards, PC and NC Control Boards

  1. 4, 8, 10 and 16 contacts per unit, high density mounting design.
  2. Can be energized using TTL electronic level signals or open collector input.
  3. Also available in a photocoupler isolation type.
  4. Minimum space needed due to compact size.
  5. Provided with operational display (LED).
  6. Incorporated features of the relay units:
    • Hermetically sealed contacts assure high long-term reliability even in adverse environments.
    • Large-capacity switching permits direct switching of large magnetic contactors, DC solenoid valves, ...

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