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RI Series Auxiliary Relays

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  1. High contact reliability Bestact products exceeding 2 million units have been employed under severe environmental conditions, and their ultra high reliability of 4.8 FIT has been obtained from actual field results.
  2. Large contact capacity Since the maximum switching capacity is as large as 30A,trip coil of power circuit breakers can be directly energized. Quick operating times ot 3ms or less enables high-speed breaker actuation.
  3. Incomparable use tor PCB applications A reduction in overall system cost can be realized due to compactness of relays and elimination of wiring/protective devices.

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Contact Arrangement

Continuous Carrying Current Capacity

Min. Operational Power Ratings

Operating Time

Releasing Time

RI-B15T2C 1NO 115VDC, 5A 1V 1mA (λse=1x10-9) 3ms (-20 to +60°C) 3ms or less
RI-B15T1C 1NO 115VDC, 5A 1V 1mA (λse=1x10-9) 5ms or less (20°C) 3ms or less
RI-C15T1C 1NC 115VDC, 5A 1V 1mA (λse=1x10-9) 5ms or less (20°C) 7ms or less
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 

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