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Limit Switches

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Heavy Duty Limit Switches


High Reliability Superior to That of Non-Contact Type by Employing Double and Triple Barriers. Best Suited for Heavy Duty Application due to Outstanding Environmental Immunity

  1. Complete floodtight and gas resistance: Outstanding environmental immunity is assured by employing floodtight, corrosion-resistant construction and through use of hermetically sealed contact.
  2. Long-term maintenance free : This is achieved through the combination of the actuator exhibiting high mechanical strength as well as internal vane-action magnetic proximity switch featuring high electrical reliability, assuring long-term maintenance-free operation.
  3. Powerful contact: Inductive load of 115VDC 0.3A can be ...

Flood Type Limit Switches


For Adverse Environments where there is Possible Exposure to Mud Splash, Steam or Oil

  1. Excellent environmental immunity due to application of triple seal. Switch is not ill affected by oil or water immersion into the actuator. Hermetically sealed contact and terminal sections are completely protected by resin mold. Equipped with scraper for prevention of solid-object invasion.
  2. Contact reliability is superior to that of non-contact type. Ultra-high application reliability protects against surge, noise, temperature/voltage fluctuation which eludes that of non-contact type.
Typical Applications

Vehicle equipment and devices, steel plant equipment, paper making equipment, ...

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