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Type RI-E25MC, Medium-Capacity Standard Type

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Highly Reliable Interface Relays for Programmable Controllers, Microcomputer Control Systems

  1. Assures outstanding reliability in circuits of 100VAC/DC or greater as well as in electronic component circuits.
  2. Universal output relay capability. Enables direct control over a wide range from TTL electronic level to large magnetic con tactors or DC solenoid valves.
  3. Requires no output relay board.
  4. Quick action in 5ms or less.
  5. Excellent insulation characteristics. Withstand voltage across coil and contact: 2000VAC or greater. (Medium-capacity type: 1500VAC or greater)
  6. Automatic wave-soldering and cleaning possible.
  7. Small energizing power (Medium-capacity type: 0.4W)
  8. Recognized in accordance with USA and Canadian standards File No. E154773. For Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D Hazardous Locations.
Typical Applications
  • I/O relays for industrial programmable controllers
  • I/O relays for microcomputer modification equipment
  • Trip relays for circuit breakers
  • Recording and transmitting relays for electric power facilities
  • I/O relays for NC/MC controllers

 Contact Ratings   Characteristics   Note for Installation   Specifications   

Contact Arrangement


Operational Power Ratings (lnductive Load) AC

240V 0.5A

Operational Power Ratings (lnductive Load) DC

100V 0.3A

Min. Operational Power Ratings1

24V 1mA
1 For 24V 1mA: In circuit with optcoupler, 5V 10mA can be used.


Coil Specifications (With Polarity)

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