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Plug-in Type RB3P-GU (3-poles) Multipole Relays

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Best Suited as Control Relays where High Reliability is Required

For Steel Plant Equipment, Electric Utilities, Transit Vehicles and Low Level Signals under Severe Operating Conditions.

  1. Excellent performance provided when used for DC solenoid valves and solenoid loads. Without protective circuit components, 500,000 operations at 50W load can be ensured.
  2. Maximum reliability can be assured in non- frequent operation.
  3. Direct DC control from 24V 1mA on up to 230VAC.
  4. The hermetically sealed contact design prevents the contacts from deteriorating even in a corrosive environment.
  5. Mechanical failure should not occur since no moving parts such as an armature are included.
  6. Applicable at different voltage levels.
  7. AC actuated types available on order.
  8. Recognized in accordance with USA and Canadian standards File No. E154773. For Class I , Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D Hazardous Locations.
Typical Applications
  • Auxiliary sequence
  • Emergency interlock
  • For DC solenoid load controlling
  • For adverse atmosphere
  • For vehicles
  • For signals
  • For elevators

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Contact Arrangement

Operational Power Ratings (lnductive Load) AC

Operational Power Ratings (lnductive Load) DC

Min. Operational Power Ratings

Incorporated Bestact Type (Item Type)

RB3P-G21DC 2NO1NC 240V 0.5A 115V 0.3A 24V 1mA R25, Medium-Capacity (For heavy duty)
RB3P-G30DC 3NO 240V 0.5A 115V 0.3A 24V 1mA R25, Medium-Capacity (For heavy duty)
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 

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